Deadline Sports multi-sport agate pages are brought to you by Postmedia Editorial Services, a world leader in centralized sports agate pagination. With over fifteen years of experience, we have an extensive knowledge of North American sports, and an in-depth understanding of the newspaper industry.

Our team of sports experts has previously partnered with The Associated Press to produce such products as Page Ready Baseball and Page Ready NFL. Currently, we also design and build the highly acclaimed AP Sports Extra Pages.
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Deadline Sports provides full-sized, multi-sport agate pages to newspapers of all sizes. You'll receive the page as an easy-to-use, Press-Ready pdf file that can be easily integrated with nearly any production workflow. Treat the agate page as if it were a full-page ad, just reserve the space and we'll deliver the graphic.

Your choice of AP Content

All pages are assembled using content from The Associated Press sports agate wire. You tell us what kind of content is most important for your local market, and the pages will be tailored to your specific needs. Is there a local team of interest you want to highlight by running the boxscore at the top of the list? We can do that. Do you have local minor leagues you need to cover, or specific college conferences that are a priority? We can do that. We understand that sports agate is a reflection of the interests of your readership.

Keep your design consistent

Sports agate should fit in with the rest of your paper`s design as well as with its content. We provide pages that can use whatever fonts and styles work best with the rest of your publication. From the main headers down to the body text, we`ll make sure your agate looks as if it was built in-house.

All shapes and sizes

Agate pages are not one-size-fits-all. We understand that page sizes vary in all directions, from the basic depth and width to spaces reserved for stories or ads. You tell us in advance what size and shape your agate page should take, and we`ll set up a weekly schedule of templates. Whether you take a column for local stories every day, or a banner ad once a week, we`ll provide an agate page that fits in the space that remains.




In the newspaper business, minutes matter. Deadline Sports is an on-deadline, 7 day-a-week service. Give us a list of your deadlines, and you`ll receive completed pages on time, every time.

FTP (file transfer protocol)

FTP has been a near-universal standard for decades. We can either push to your corporate ftp site or make your files available on our own servers for download. The PDF file format ensures small file sizes, and fast downloads.

Multiple editions

If you need the same page remade multiple times per night, we`ll deliver updated files for each of your deadlines. Instead of pulling staff away from other tasks to update the sports agate with the latest results and summaries, just download the updated files from your ftp location and replace the old page.

Emergency 1-800 hotline

Emergencies happen, and when they do you need them resolved quickly. If, for whatever reason, your files become inaccessible, or other unforeseen events halt production, give us a call on our emergency hotline and you`ll be connected with someone on-site who can resolve your problem as quickly as possible.



Partners / Clients

Deadline Sports has successfully worked with a wide range of newspapers, chains and other organizations. This experience has been the key to our success.


The Associated Press has granted Deadline Sports a license to offer Press-Ready Agate, a full page agate solution, to any of their members.

Our team of sports experts has previously partnered with The Associated Press to produce such products as Page Ready Baseball and Page Ready NFL. Currently, we also design and build the highly acclaimed AP Sports Extra Pages.

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Deadline Sports has provided paginated sports agate to the Chicago Sun-Times since 2002. As a result of using the Deadline Sports service, the Sun-Times has realized a reduction in production costs, a reduction in staff turnover, and a reduction in overhead cost.


In 2010, Journal Register Company worked with Deadline Sports to develop and implement a chain wide sports agate solution. Journal Register Company receives completed sports agate pages nightly for 19 daily newspapers.

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